Headshot of Mathew Clifton
Headshot of Mathew Clifton
Caricature of Mathew Clifton

Mathew Clifton

Project Superintendent

Mathew and the Buffalo have a lot in common. The Buffalo is a highly intelligent animal and the same can be said for Mathew. He graduated high school when he was 15 and then went on to get a double Bachelor’s in pre-law and Business Management from the University of Auburn.

As a Project Superintendent, Mathew lives and breathes construction. He has 15 years of experience under his belt. Mathew once owned his own construction company in Florida but wanted to spend more time with his family. Family is extremely important to Mathew and that’s one of the many reasons he chose to roam with Buffalo. Little did he know his family just got A LOT bigger!

Mathew enjoys spending time with his three girls #girldad. When he is in the Sunshine State, he enjoys taking his daughters to the beach and going fishing. He and his girls love to spend time outdoors and hang out with friends and family.

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