Headshot of Michael Gray
Headshot of Michael Gray
Caricature of Michael Gray

Michael Gray

Project Superintendent

Michael has worked his way up the ladder in his 14 years in the construction industry. He has worked as a construction Foreman, Superintendent and Senior Superintendent leading a commercial construction team. We’re thrilled to have him join the Herd as a Project Superintendent on our Hotels and Hospitality Team!

Michael hails from Latta, South Carolina, where he lives with his wife, Elizabeth, and three sons, Brayton, Roy and Michael. When he’s not working, you can find him traveling & fishing. He’s also a natural, compassionate leader. When he’s back home in South Carolina, he donates his time and talent by helping people in need with home repairs of all kinds, from general contracting to H-VAC. We’re impressed with Michael’s compassionate heart and know that he was meant for the Herd!

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