Headshot of Mindy Montfort
Headshot of Mindy Montfort
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Mindy Montfort

Credit Card Coordinator

Meet Mindy, the Credit Card Coordinator at Buffalo Construction, Inc., whose infectious smile is as bright as the derby sun in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. A multitasking maven, Mindy balances her role with the demands of motherhood, finding solace in her garden and dreaming of the days when she can resume her globe-trotting adventures. A former high school homecoming queen, Mindy brings regal charm to her credit card coordinating duties, reigning supreme with her positive can-do attitude.

When she's not crunching numbers, Mindy can be found ringside, cheering on her favorite boxer, Canelo Alvarez, with her husband, as they share a passion for the sweet science of boxing. A Kentucky Wildcats enthusiast, Mindy's positive spirit is as unwavering as her loyalty to the UK Cats. With a penchant for baking and a love for unsweet tea or a refreshing paloma, Mindy is the secret ingredient in Buffalo Construction's recipe for success. Currently working on home renovations with her husband, Mindy is not just leaving her mark on credit card coordination; she's also leaving an indelible imprint of positivity and warmth at Buffalo Construction, Inc.

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