Headshot of Paul Hess
Headshot of Paul Hess
Caricature of Paul Hess

Paul Hess

Project Superintendent

In the vast world of construction, Paul stands tall as a Project Superintendent, bringing nearly three decades of hard work and an unwavering willingness to lend a hand wherever it's needed. Hailing from Buffalo, N.Y., Paul has built a legacy that rivals the grandeur of his hometown. With a deep love for the great outdoors, he finds solace in hunting and fishing, embodying the rugged spirit of a buffalo.

Despite being an industry veteran, Paul is not one to shy away from new adventures. While he conquers construction challenges daily, the daring leap into the world of skydiving remains on his bucket list, a testament to his fearless spirit. As a devoted Buffalo Bills fan, he brings the same fervor to his work.

In his role as Project Superintendent for Texas Roadhouse concepts, Paul not only oversees the intricacies of construction but also serves as a mentor, always ready to guide newcomers on their journey. Known for his boundless knowledge of the industry and our company's processes, Paul is the go-to source for solutions and a driving force behind our commitment to excellence. A true advocate for the HBC, Paul is a pillar in our organization, ensuring that Buffalo Construction, Inc. stands strong and Buffalo-ready under his watchful eye.

He's a living legend in the Buffalo Construction herd and is the Superintendent of the Year winner for 2021.

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