Headshot of Philip McMahan
Headshot of Philip McMahan
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Philip McMahan

Project Superintendent

Meet our wanderlust-fueled, tattoo-loving adventurer hailing from the heart of Louisville, KY – the spirit of Buffalo Construction, Inc. on wheels! Born with a love for the open road, this free-spirited teammate took the plunge a year ago, trading the conventional for life with just a box of personal treasures, three bags of clothes, a trusty car, and a loyal canine companion.With nearly a decade of construction experience, our road warrior was first introduction to construction was helping his dad out in his painting store.

Beyond the hard hat and tool belt, Phillip has a colorful side – literally. A former tattoo artist, he has a knack for drawing portraits, doodling designs, and turning skin into a canvas. When not crafting art, you'll find Philip exploring, capturing moments through photography, or immersed in the digital world of video games.

As the youngest of three siblings, our road-tripping virtuoso brings a dynamic flair to the Buffalo Construction family. Philip's personal goal? To traverse the country, trading stocks and crypto along the way, until hitting the jackpot that leads to a tranquil hideaway in Italy or Spain – the ultimate disappearing act.

With a spirit as untamed as the open road, Philip embodies the adventurous, free-thinking ethos that makes Buffalo Construction, Inc. not just a workplace but a journey. Whether hammering away on a construction site or sketching the next masterpiece, he is an integral part of our buffalo herd.

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