Headshot of Rick Black
Headshot of Rick Black
Caricature of Rick Black

Rick Black

Project Superintendent

Rick’s got what some call an “Eagle Eye.” As a Superintendent with the Herd, he sees the little things. He pays attention to detail, and consistently gives the team leadership and guidance through a build. He got his start in trade school where he became a Journeyman Carpenter. Over the years, Rick’s worked on a broad range of construction projects and we’re lucky to have him keeping watch over ours.

Originally from Kansas, Rick now lives in Oak Ridge, Tenn. with his wife, Elaine. They have five kids and one fur baby, a Dachshund. When he’s not in the construction field, you might find him in an actual field, practicing one of his favorite hobbies—photography. And funny enough, one of ol’ Eagle Eye’s favorite photography subjects are in fact bald eagles. Rick hopes to someday travel to Alaska, where he’ll find plenty of nation’s most majestic bird in action.

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