A headshot of Roman A. Buffalo
A headshot of Roman A. Buffalo
Caricature of Roman

Roman A. Buffalo


You’ve probably heard that buffalos roam, but our Founder, Roman A. Buffalo, really gets around. His hooves are always busy, traveling all over the country to keep an eye on his 100+ adopted teammates at jobsites across the country. Sure, they’re not his biological children — they’d be a lot hairier if so — but he loves them all the same.

Since 1997 he’s pushed Buffalo Construction, Inc. to have the best service in the country. He has a B.S. in Client Satisfaction from the School of Sticks and Bricks, which comes in handy with his role — he’s a stickler for getting the job done right.

While Roman’s been known to drop a buffalo chip or two out in the field, the only trace of him or his Herd is a job well done. It’s the only way he knows to help the Herd expand (a passion of his, since his kind were almost wiped out in the early 1900s).

It’s not all work and no play for the furry guy, though. When he’s on a job up north, you might find Roman barreling through a field of snow. He’s also been working on his golf game when he’s down south, but we gotta say, with shoulders that broad, we’re not sure he’s ever going to have good follow through.

While his original home was out on the range, Roman now beds down in Louisville, Ky.

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