Headshot of Santos Reyes
Headshot of Santos Reyes
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Santos Reyes

Self Performer

Meet Santos, our resident self-performer whose talents extend far beyond the construction site. Hailing from the vibrant streets of El Salvador, Santos brings a rhythm and passion to his work that can only come from a life infused with music. With his fingers effortlessly dancing across drums, piano, and guitar strings, Santos is not just a builder but a maestro of melodies.

Married for a decade and a devoted father of three, two of his own and one stepson, Santos's love for his family is as strong as his morning coffee. Inspired by his handyman father, Santos found his calling in construction, but his heart beats to the rhythm of recording studios and church pews. Whether he's crafting Christian tunes in the studio or finding solace in spiritual serenity, Santos approaches every endeavor with the same dedication and soulful energy that make him an invaluable member of the Buffalo Construction, Inc. team. With Santos on board, you can be sure that every project is infused with a harmonious blend of craftsmanship, compassion, and coffee-fueled creativity.

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