Headshot of Steve Fordenbacher
Headshot of Steve Fordenbacher
Caricature of Steve Fordenbacher

Steve Fordenbacher

Project Superintendent

Meet Steve, a superhero Superintendent at Buffalo Construction, Inc., armed with a tool belt of scheduling wizardry and an uncanny knack for keeping everything Buffalo Ready and On Time. Since 2018, Steve has been a maestro behind the scenes, setting up, organizing, and scheduling various projects with a level of finesse that puts even the most intricate puzzle to shame. At home, he's not just a Superintendent; he's a handyman extraordinaire, the go-to guy for fixing anything that needs fixing—because if it's broken, Steve's on the case.

Beyond the blueprints, Steve's world revolves around his beloved family—his wife, Cathy, two daughters, Crystal and Cassie, and the fabulous six-pack of grandkids. A Steelers fan with a soft spot for underwater adventures, Steve's favorite hobby is scuba diving, diving deep into the mysteries of the ocean when he's not orchestrating construction symphonies. With a motto that echoes his philosophy on life, "you are where you are because that is exactly where you want to be," Steve's next adventure involves slowing down a bit, spending less time on the road, learning to play the guitar, remodeling his country home, and giving a helping hand to his wife's business as it grows. In the world of construction and beyond, Steve Fordenbacher is not just building structures; he's building a life filled with family, Steelers touchdowns, and underwater escapades.

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