Headshot of Teresa Parsons
Headshot of Teresa Parsons
Caricature of Teresa Parsons

Teresa Parsons

Project Accountant

Meet Teresa, the heart and pulse of Buffalo Construction, Inc., who has been tolerating our shenanigans since 2005 when she joined the Herd. Known affectionately as "Momma T," Teresa is the go-to person for everything – be it business help, life advice, or just a good chit chat. With a couch strategically placed beside her desk, she welcomes teammates with open arms, proving her empathy and loyalty.

In the accounting department, Teresa is a timekeeping whiz, handling field gas cards and expenses with finesse. With her encyclopedic knowledge of Buffalo's history and the nickname "Momma T," she's not just a colleague but a cherished confidante. Living in Mt. Washington, Ky., with her husband, Teresa juggles the role of a superintendent's wife with grace, understanding the unique lifestyle. Together, they embark on road trips across the country, stopping at casinos along the way, fueled by Teresa's love for the gamble.

Beyond her professional prowess, Teresa is a creative force, always brewing up DIY projects and finding unique ways to celebrate teammates. As a loving mother of three and a doting grandmother to Rosie, her youngest grandchild, Teresa's world lights up with family joy. With her craftiness, compassion, and contagious enthusiasm, Teresa embodies the spirit of Buffalo Construction, making every day brighter and more enjoyable for the entire Herd.

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