Headshot of Tim Fishburn
Headshot of Tim Fishburn
Caricature of Tim Fishburn

Tim Fishburn

Business Unit Leader

Meet Tim, the maestro of milestones and senior project manager extraordinaire at Buffalo Construction, Inc. A proud graduate of the Louisville Technical Institute, Tim joined Team Buffalo in 2011, kickstarting his journey that has been nothing short of legendary. Born and raised in the heart of Louisville, Kentucky, Tim's professional trajectory within the organization is a testament to his dedication and expertise. Starting in the estimation department, he ascended the ranks to become estimation manager before securing his position as a project manager and ultimately landing the coveted role of senior project manager. Tim's domain includes overseeing the dynamic fuel and retail segments of the organization, where his strategic prowess and leadership shine.

Beyond his construction conquests, Tim's personal passions are as diverse as the bourbon selections in his impressive collection of over 800 bottles. As a true bourbon connoisseur and a recognized figure in the Kentucky bourbon community, Tim's favorite sip is the iconic George T Stagg. Not just limited to construction and spirits, Tim is a man of many interests – from teeing off on the golf course to cheering for his favorite basketball teams. Being a Kentucky native, it's no surprise that he has a soft spot for horse betting.

On the home front, Tim is not just a project manager; he's the master of a blended family, navigating life with his wife Jennifer and their two daughters, Allie and Kaitlyn, along with a son named Ethan. Outside the construction site and bourbon tastings, you can find Tim as the proud owner of a liquor bar on the popular Frankfort Avenue in Louisville. With a career that's already a saga of success, we're eager to see what new chapters Tim will write in the Buffalo Construction story.

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