Headshot of Todd McDaniel
Headshot of Todd McDaniel
Caricature of Todd McDaniel

Todd McDaniel

Project Superintendent

Meet Todd, a Project Superintendent extraordinaire at Buffalo Construction, Inc., and a true aficionado of both building better structures and stronger family bonds. With an impressive 30 years of industry experience, Todd knows that the secret to "Building Better!" lies in fostering exceptional teams and partner relationships. Hailing from the charming town of Morgantown, KY, Todd now calls Shepherdsville home, where he and his wife, Hollie, are raising not only three children but also a dynamic duo of dogs—a Beagle Hound and a Maltese, adding a touch of canine flair to the McDaniel family circus.

Beyond the blueprints and steel beams, Todd is a man of the great outdoors, finding solace in camping, hunting, fishing, and creating cherished memories with his loved ones. As a Project Superintendent, Todd's extensive abilities shine in conducting effective and collaborative onsite production meetings, ensuring that every project at Buffalo Construction, Inc. is not only structurally sound but also a testament to teamwork and excellence. His ultimate life goal is to leave a valuable legacy for his loved ones. It doesn't get much more Herdfelt than that.

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