Headshot of Tony Dulceak
Headshot of Tony Dulceak
Caricature of Tony Dulceak

Tony Dulceak

Project Manager

The old building adage of “Measure twice, cut once” may have been coined by Tony himself, as he believes in doing things right the first time, which has served him well in his career as a Project Manager. He’s also a determined go-getter, proactively addressing issues, leading and communicating with his team all along the way.

Hailing from Chicago, IL, Tony originally followed the call of the wild and studied Zoology at Southern Illinois University, before finding his true calling in construction. He currently resides in Batavia, IL with his wife, Camille. Together they have their 3 children and 3 dogs. Being from the home of the Blackhawks, Tony loves hockey and also loves to travel with Camille where he enjoys scuba diving and fishing.

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