Headshot of Val Rosales
Headshot of Val Rosales
Caricature of Val Rosales

Val Rosales


Meet Val Rosales, our punch list - carpenter extraordinaire! Originally from Jalisco, Mexico, Val has been honing his carpentry skills for over 25 years, thanks to his construction-savvy uncles! Now living in London, KY, Val takes care of all the nitty-gritty punch list items and puts the finishing touches on our Texas Roadhouse builds. He always makes sure each restaurant is Buffalo Ready and Buffalo Clean at turnover time!

When he's not using his expert skills to get the job done, Val enjoys spending time with his lovely wife, Connie, and their own large Herd of pets, which includes a husky, shitzu/poodle mix, two cats, two chinchillas, and even a miniature pig! Val also loves to tinker around his own house in his free time, always with an eye on improving and making things better.

As you can tell, Val never sits still! But when he does finally retire, he plans on hitting the open road on his motorcycle, living the dream. So, if you see Val around, give him a wave and a smile - he's a crucial part of the Herd!

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