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Valerie Eversole

Project Accountant

Meet one of our extraordinary project accountants, Valerie. Valerie brings 16 years of wedded bliss to the table, alongside the joy of raising two spirited boys. When she's not juggling spreadsheets and numbers, you can catch her jet-setting across the country, following her son's travel ball tournaments like a pro.

Beyond the world of construction and accounting, Valerie has her sights set on a different kind of construction – she's on a mission to find the perfect ranch-style abode to call home within the next three years. A true Louisvillian at heart, she's got that Southern charm that pairs perfectly with her willingness to lend a hand to anyone in need. Her motto? "Be kind whenever possible," a philosophy she lives by as she radiates positivity and warmth to all she encounters.

When she's not wielding her financial wizardry, Valerie is the ultimate baseball mom, cheering on her son with the enthusiasm only a true aficionado possesses. And while she's all about crunching numbers, don't let that fool you – she's equally adept at uncorking a bottle of her favorite pino grigio, savoring life's finer moments. With Valerie on the Buffalo Construction team, you can expect not only a deft touch with numbers but a generous sprinkle of humor and camaraderie, making every project a triumph and every day a delight.

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