Headshot of Zach Cruze
Headshot of Zach Cruze
Caricature of Zach Cruze

Zach Cruze

Project Engineer

Introducing Zach, a dynamic Project Engineer at Buffalo Construction, Inc., whose superpowers extend from the construction site to the comforts of home. With a knack for supporting project managers, site superintendents, and promoting safety with the finesse of a seasoned pro, Zach is the Swiss Army knife of engineering prowess. Whether submitting RFI's on time or conducting toolbox talks, Zach's reliability is as steadfast as his love for sweet tea—a true Southern staple that fuels his boundless energy for learning and tackling new challenges every day.

Beyond the blueprints, Zach's passions include bass fishing, duck hunting, and exploring the open road, especially during duck season. As he continues to navigate the highways of construction, Zach's favorite quote by Nishan Panwar serves as a guiding light: "life is like a highway, no matter what they say, the construction is never finished." With a commitment to growth and reliability, Zach Cruze is not just engineering projects; he's constructing a legacy of trust and leadership at Buffalo Construction, Inc., one toolbox talk at a time.

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