Headshot of Zach Harting
Headshot of Zach Harting
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Zach Harting

Project Engineer

Meet Zach, a Buffalo Construction powerhouse both in the construction zone and the swimming pool. A key player in his role as a Project Engineer, Zach is not just Buffalo Ready, but he's the snowball effect personified—slow to start, but once he's rolling, nothing can stand in his way. Taking inspiration from those around him, Zach transforms project communication with vendors into an art form, delivering a product that's as smooth as his Olympic-level strokes in the water.

A proud Olympian and 2-time Olympic Trial champ on Team USA, Zach brings a relentless pursuit of excellence to every aspect of his life. Hailing from Madison, Alabama, and majoring in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Louisville, he's not just a star swimmer but also a maestro behind Buffalo Construction's synchronized success. Beyond construction and swimming glory, Zach's home life is a delightful mix of homemade dinners and drinks, playing guitar, indulging in board games, and savoring pizza rolls with a side of root beer. With Zach on our team, Buffalo Construction, Inc. isn't just building projects; they're diving into a pool of success and fun, one snowball at a time.

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