About Buffalo Construction, Inc.


Buffalo Construction, Inc. is a commercial construction partner with one overriding promise: to make the customer happy. Our principals, who are personally involved in every project, have all been in the client partner's shoes. We get it done right, no matter what it takes.

Founded in 1997 by Scott A. Gregor, Buffalo Construction, Inc. quickly built a reputation as a high-quality commercial General Contractor. As that notoriety grew, so did the company’s national footprint. Today, our portfolio of successful projects and licensures spans 49 states.

We understand – and anticipate – our clients partners' needs. We're there when you need us. In fact, you'll probably be convinced your project is our only focus. That's the power of our incredibly experienced field team. Around here, we have a saying – "Building Better!" We're not just talking about buildings, we care about better relationships, better communication and better project management. If that sounds good to you, run with the Herd for your next project.

“It is truly a fantastic result here on your first Chick-fil-A project, I have not seen any other partner do so well on their first attempt.  You guys have set the bar high for Buffalo Construction, Inc.”

– Justin Bloecher Design & Construction Chick-fil-A Inc. 


A Message From The President

"I started Buffalo Construction, Inc. in 1997 with one overriding promise: to make the Client Partner happy. That’s our ultimate goal on every job, every day. Happy customers become long-term customers. That’s what we want.

So what makes happy customers? Doing whatever it takes to get the job done – and done right. There are people who make excuses and there are people who get it done. Our people get it done. Period.

We understand that our Client Partners have many options when selecting a construction partner so their satisfaction is our primary focus. I’m very hands-on, and heavily involved in every aspect of our business, so you have my word that we keep this promise daily.

Our tag line is “Building Better!” It means a lot more than sticks and bricks.  We acknowledge we are not in the construction business. We understand we are in the relationship business. Our approach is to build better relationships, better ways of communicating, and better ways to manage your project.

I am proud of what Buffalo Construction, Inc. is doing today and I am excited about what the future holds."