Gas station

Racetrac, Lecanto, FL

New 5,411 square foot gas station with 18 fueling pumps and an accompanying convenience store in Lecanto, FL.

Exterior view of the RaceTrac gas station.
Front counter inside the RaceTrac gas station.
Snack displays and drinks inside the RaceTrac gas station.
Interior view of the RaceTrac gas station.
Exterior view of the front door to RaceTrac gas station.

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Fuel and Oil
Lecanto, FL
Project Size
5,411 sqft

Here, at Buffalo Construction, Inc. we start each morning pumped up to take on the challenges of the day (with help from a few cups of coffee of course). So when we partnered up with RaceTrac to execute their new store prototype in Lecanto, FL it was an absolute perfect fit. Minor glitch in the plan, we spent a fortune at the station across the street while under construction…oops. I am sure they were less than thrilled to know some new competition was coming to the neighborhood.

The Herd went into overdrive, planning, reviewing, estimating, scheduling and everything in-between to ensure all aspects of the project were addressed. We knew up-front balancing the critical path between the site and building delivery would be our greatest challenge, but we persevered. Even with complications from the massive detention basin executed in partnership with the county, new and relocated utilities, plus the intricacies of fuel storage and a new crack minimizing concrete technique, the Herd turned this hurdle into an achievement!

The prototype build includes eighteen fueling stations and family friendly conveniences like a frozen yogurt dessert station, large coffee area, expanded outdoor and indoor seating, and free wi-fi. Beyond their awesome offerings, the atmosphere is more of a modern retail establishment and not your grandpa’s gas station. The welcoming fit and finishes include stone, brick, and tile.

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