Blue Iguana Car Wash

Louisville, KY

Project Details


  • Retail

Construction Service

Ground up

5000 SF

1.53 Acre Site

214 Days from Start to Completion

Surfs up! When the Herd was asked to build a modern new high-performance carwash, we were like totally stoked. This ground-up facility was a first for us, but that was all the more reason for our team to suit up and jump right in, which is exactly what they did.  

Of course, it wouldn’t be a construction project without having to navigate some choppy water. Our team was met with everything from bad soils to an extremely unlevel site, making drainage a real challenge. The site was also very tight, which means the building had to be shoe-horned into place, making adjustments on the fly for curbing and traffic. For the inexperienced, this could have easily meant a wipe-out, but for pro field stud, Joe Cantrell, this was just another day at the beach. He was able to ride-out those riptides with ease, bringing this project smoothly to shore in just 7 short months. We also have our awesome Blue Iguana Client Partners to thank who were very involved and pleasant to work with every step of the way.  

And have we mentioned how pretty it turned out? Yes, that’s right, a pretty carwash – just look at the photos! The frame was constructed from a pre-engineered steel structure with blue and green dri-design panels flanking the exterior, creating a sleek ocean-like feel. The glass tube design of the conveyor bay is like driving through the swell of a glassy ocean wave with a maze of exposed conduit and colorful brushes, creating a far-out carwash experience for every one of its Blue Iguana customers. When they exit the wash, they’re led to a lot filled with 28 lighted vacuum bays, so that even the night owls can enjoy a clean ride.  

All in all we'd say this project was a totally tubular success. Until next time surfer dude and dudettes, hang loose!