Mellow Mushroom - Bardstown Road

Louisville, Kentucky

Project Details


  • Hospitality

Construction Service

New Construction

6,137 sq. ft.

168 days from start to completion

Summary of Construction

While the Mellow Mushroom brand keeps it laid back, this job had a lot of intense, unique attributes. The regional restaurant has a unique market presence, and is known for its amazing atmosphere. No two restaurants are the same.

This job was a multistory construction, complete with two bars and a second floor patio. The block and concrete construction included metal panels, reclaimed wood, and more of “Mellow” signage than a supreme pizza has toppings.

The job had some interesting factors, though. The site was previously a dry cleaners, which left it contaminated. However, we were able to use a liquid boot system, encapsulating the contaminants. This was both time and cost efficient. Our team installed custom-fabricated beer taps using sprinkler pipe and fittings. The decor and artwork all came from local artisans, adding to the unique regional flavor of the restaurant’s atmosphere. We also installed garage doors and cable railing at the patio for an open air feeling and exposure to the city environment.

We’re proud of this job. We think it’s worthy of a tall cold one, and a Maui Wowie.