Buffalo Wild Wings

Scottsdale, AZ, High Point, NC & Alexandria, VA

Project Details


  • Hospitality

Construction Service


5,615 - 7,474 sq. ft. for various stores

About 80 days from start to completion for the new construction

18 days for the renovation

Summary of Construction

As if it were destiny, Buffalo Wild Wings found their way to us, Buffalo Construction, Inc., and we gotta say – we make a great team. Or is it Herd? Either way, the results get the hoof stamp of approval on these projects.

Our team has done multiple three Buffalo Wild Wings locations, with two expansive renovations, and one quick one. The two large remodeling projects involved converting old restaurant space. Since Buffalo Wild Wings has a certain look and feel each restaurant must achieve, there was some selective demolition required to prepare the space for each build.


We constructed a completely new exterior entrance tower to fit Buffalo Wild Wings’ brand standards for this one. This was a multi-tenant building, so we had to consider the surrounding businesses when establishing working hours. Our team constructed a traditional breezeway area, modifying the building’s structure to allow one-of-a-kind patio seating. Our team completed this entire project through winter months, requiring special attention to demolition and finishes due to the low temperatures.


This state can get almost as hot as Buffalo Wild Wings’ famous Blazin’ sauce (almost), so we installed a misting system in the patio. This was one of the first of the chain restaurant’s new design, called “Stadia,” which replicates a stadium-like experience for the bar, while softening the experience for those in the restaurant. This is the now the standard build for new Buffalo Wild Wings. As a part of this design, we installed a Jumbotron in the bar area, which included a steel-over structure to support the huge televisions and media. This delivers a 360 degree viewing service to the dining area.

North Carolina

This renovation was smaller, but extremely fast. Working 24/7 our team did the job in only 18 days, with only 10 total days of shutdown. From the kitchen to the dining area and restrooms, we worked a very creative schedule to ensure we not only met the timeline, but their high standards and ours.

While we love that we share the Buffalo name with this customer, we’re more proud of to share a love of the space we were able to create on this one.