St. Francis School - High School

Louisville, KY

Project Details


  • Wellness

Construction Service

Design Build

22,400 sq. ft.

We’ve worked with St. Francis School in the past, and were proud to be selected as partners in this Design Build project. The school has several projects going on right now, and this one is a particularly exciting venture. We’re currently working on the new high school design and build, partnering with architectural firm Lake|Flato Architects for conceptual renderings. The mechanical, electrical and plumbing designs are being handled by a subcontractor.

The project is a remodel of existing spaces, and an expansion into an adjacent space. The building was previously condos and office space, constructed in the 1930s. We’re integrating old and new themes to preserve the historical elements, while making modern updates. New spaces will include a student commons area, complete with a student kitchen and lounge space. Adjacent spaces will include administration, seminar and college counseling offices. A large “Space for Thought” area will allow for a lecture and presentation style gathering area. Our team is working on a mechanical system that will use a geothermal heating and cooling system for energy efficiency. The entire project will be conducted around school operation and classes.