Advanced Care Pediatrics PPEC

Port St. Lucie, FL

Project Details


  • Wellness

5200 SF

Construction Service

In-line Conversion

14 Days from Start to Completion

Buffalo are notoriously fierce protectors of their Herds, circling around their young to defend them against predators, but perhaps the most fascinating example of guardianship in the wild is that of the Emperor Penguin. It’s a dutifully combined effort of mother, father and the penguin colony as a whole to ensure the survival of their offspring in the harsh arctic climate. It’s no wonder why this extraordinarily nurturing animal serves as the mascot for Advanced Care Pediatrics, a company dedicated to the care of underserved medically fragile families, caseworkers and caregivers. Inspired by the dedication of both the Emperor Penguin and the team at ACP, The Herd was honored when called upon to build their first day healthcare clinic, specializing in serving Medicaid eligible children requiring high-acuity care. 

The clinic may be designed with little-ones in mind, but this in-line retail conversion was no small feat. The facility had to cater to a range of ages and a number of specialized needs, as well as the ACP staff. The 5200sf space holds a separate care room for infants, toddlers and older children, along with a pre-school area and motor skills development room. It also includes a reception area, conference room, teacher meeting space, storage, restroom and kitchen, much of which had to be reconfigured to meet ADA compliance.

Although ACP's #1 priority is their patients' health, founders Greice and James Murphy, didn’t want their facility to have that cold clinical feel. They envisioned an uplifting environment designed to inspire and cultivate the imaginations of the children they serve. The space is light and open with bright, vivid colors everywhere you turn and custom hand-painted wallpaper leading you on an exotic adventure of different animal habitats around the world!

The Herd took the utmost care in helping bring this project to life, ensuring no detail was overlooked for the special clients that would be cared for there. The project took just two short weeks to complete! Project Manager, Krusty Gamez, found some creative ways to ensure the project stayed on time and on budget, like reusing the removed hardwood flooring. He credits our Buffalo Soldiers for their dedication in getting the job done Buffalo Right and insists it was a group effort. Maybe our Herd has more in common with the Emperor Penguin than meets the eye.

"I want to express my gratitude for the excellent services you all have provided from day one! It was a pleasure working with your team, especially with Krusty and Rachel. Their professionalism and work ethic is impressive. I look forward to working with Buffalo on our next PPEC!" -  Greice Murphy