Hobby Lobby

Marysville, WA

Project Details


  • Retail

52,400 sq. ft.

Construction Service

New Construction

147 days from start to completion

Though we were coming in on the end of the rainy season, the Herd experienced its share of Pacific Northwest damp days and soggy ground on this project. We started this build in late February, and with soil having been wet for nearly two and a half months, we had to treat it with lime to stabilize it and achieve compaction. Then we were able to finally get the foundation poured. With dry hooves and solid ground beneath us, we stayed on schedule for the rest of the job despite more than 50 days of rain.

This big-box retail project was built with steel joists and deck roof. The exterior was constructed with concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls. The familiar orange Hobby Lobby logo was prominently displayed, front and center. This Client Partner was certainly proud of the build, and so were we.

Despite the crazy weather up here, we had a great build. The city of Marysville worked well with us, and though we may need to bring bigger raincoats to cover our hides, we hope to be back in the area for another build.