Dollar Tree

Rocky Mount, Virginia

Project Details


  • Retail

Construction Service

New Construction

10,000 sq. ft.

196 days from start to completion

Summary of Construction

Things come up. In fact, we’d bet our bottom dollar on almost any project, the unexpected will happen no matter how much you think you’re prepared. On this project for Dollar Tree, a value price retail shopping concept, our team had quite the surprise, but still came through with a better build.

This was a new site location, so our team was developing the full infrastructure. The plan was to start with a slab on grade with shallow spread footings. While not indicated in the geotechnical investigations, natural contaminants were discovered on the site, which required very specific remediation, and removal of the existing soil. Through our excellent vendor partner relationships, aggressive scheduling and engineering partnerships, our team was able to mitigate any job delay.

Once the contamination was handled, we constructed a concrete masonry unit (CMU) shell with steel joists and deck. We built out the sales floor, back of house area and constructed the restrooms.