Kona Grill

Las Vegas, Nevada

Project Details


  • Hospitality

8,200 sq. ft.

Construction Service


130 days from start to completion

While the Herd was in Las Vegas for this build, we didn’t need any fancy magic tricks to pull off a show-stopping project for Kona Grill. The job was a challenge, though, as we were tasked with converting an existing clothing store at the Fashion Show Mall into a swanky restaurant right there on the strip.

Las Vegas Boulevard is a busy location, especially right across from the Wynn Hotel. But the bigger challenge was that the entire entry and facade of the mall was also under construction.

We had issues with materials delivery since we couldn’t access the main entrance of the mall. But our perseverance won out and we were able to coordinate our plans with mall contractors to work out delivery schedules. We also had to ensure that our installation of mechanical systems integrated with the other mall renovations and that our patio for the Kona Grill worked with their rebuild of the outside walkway. Never to back down from a challenge, the Herd pulled off an amazing finish, and the patio and restaurant fit in perfectly on the boulevard.  

Against amazing odds, we turned out a gorgeous restaurant, with the right mix of class and flash that folks have come to expect from a Vegas venue. Kona Grill is just one more shining example of how Buffalo Plays Full Out!