Kroger Wine & Spirits

New Cut Road, Louisville, KY

Project Details


  • Convenience

Construction Service


2,950 sq. ft.

84 days from start to completion

Summary of Construction

Kentucky has some peculiar laws still in effect from the days of Prohibition. One of which is that you can’t sell liquor in grocery stores. For this reason, you’ll see a lot of grocery stores with add-ons, attached to the building but requiring a separate entrance. Regional grocery retailer, Kroger, tasked the Herd to construction a Wine & Spirits Shop to an existing and operating Kroger in Louisville, Ky.

Our team began by demolishing and then strengthening 80 feet of the front wall. From there we began constructing the additional square footage to make way for the store. This was a winter build, so we also needed wooden walls around the perimeter to cut back on the cold. We routed new plumbing and electrical, and added refrigeration cases for the beer sales. Our team built new shelves and did the millwork, which had several unique aspects. At the end of the day, we had done a complete rebuild of the main entrance while keeping Kroger customers happy with access to their favorite grocery store.