Love's Travel Stop & Country Store

Prince George, VA

Project Details


  • Convenience, Fuel & Oil

Construction service

Ground-up, full-site

270 days from start to finish

24 acre site

10,800 facility

16 fuel pumps and 7 diesel

Arby's restaurant

6,400 SF convenience store

Laundry facility

Gaming room


Tire center

73 truck parking spaces

Breaker! Breaker! The Herd was on the road again with client partner, Love’s, for their new Travel Stop & Country Store in Prince George, VA. Fueled up and ready to go, there was no stopping us on this new ground-up, full-site, mega travel center.  

Located just 30 minutes outside of Richmond, VA, the project made for our 3rd and largest Love’s Travel Stop & Country Store. Situated on a 24-acre plot of land, this 10,800 SF complex is a welcome sight for weary-eyed motorists in need of refueling. It features a 6,400 SF convenience store, Arby’s restaurant, laundry capabilities, a game room and 16 fuel pumps! And for those big-riggers, the facility offers 7 diesel pumps, 73 truck parking spaces, five showers, Love’s Truck Tire Center and other driver services.  

While we can appreciate a smooth journey, this project wasn’t without some bumps in the road. The site sat on top of a very high water table creating excessively wet site conditions, but with a little Buffalo ingenuity, we were able to stabilize the sub-grade and resolve the problem. We were also presented with about $750,000 in unavoidable site revisions and yet, with a lot of long hours and strong onsite management, we were still able to finish the job on schedule in just 38 weeks. We’re tellin’ ya, there ain’t nothin’ the Herd can’t handle!  

Seeing this job through was definitely a team effort, but it took the know-how and perseverance of Project Superintendent, Bill Campbell, to drive it home. When asked why The Herd was a perfect fit for this job, he simply replied, “We always find a way to Build It Better!” Well said, Bill. And with that, The Herd is over and out.