El Camino

Louisville, Kentucky

Project Details


  • Hospitality

Construction Service

Design Build

3,500 sq. ft.

120 days from start to completion

Summary of Construction

El Camino is the restaurant concept that keeps others restaurateurs awake at night. No, it’s not the recurring skull theme. El Camino’s incredible decor and atmosphere are unlike anything patrons have seen before. We had the pleasure of working on this one-of-a-kind concept, and we think the results were worthy of a margarita or two.

Previously occupied by another restaurant, we started this project with quite a bit of demolition on site. The envelope was comprised of three conjoined buildings of various ages and construction types. We gutted and remodeled the existing kitchen, dining and restroom areas. We also modified the original shell structure to facilitate new mechanical, electrical and plumbing services.

The El Camino patio turned out especially nice, with a beautiful exterior bar, lounge area and open-air seating with fire pits. The decor and finishes were design-built to field conditions, with contributions from the client, designers, architects and contractors.

As you can tell, we’re very proud of our work here. This concept turned out bueno. Muy bueno, indeed.