Jason’s Deli

Altamonte Springs, Florida

Project Details


  • Hospitality

Construction Service

New Construction

3,947 sq. ft.

60 days from start to completion

Summary of Construction

If you haven’t been to a Jason’s Deli, you’re missing out. They have excellent selection, great healthy options, a salad bar, and our personal favorite, free soft serve ice cream. Really. It’s free. All of this great selection is paired with the restaurant’s speedy service. Speaking of getting a job done fast, this was a quick one. From first dig to project turnover, our team was in and out in 60 days.

This was a new construction build in an undeveloped tenant space. Our team completed the interior finishes, including display prep and cooking areas. We setup the self-service salad bar and beverage center, and finished out the rest of the build for the casual dining concept.

While this job was fast, there were shell construction delays. As our team always does, we did our best work navigating the necessary steps to mitigate the problems. In this case, that meant working concurrently in the shell as the landlord completed work. This allowed for plumbing and underslab work to progress without any interruption. While the deadlines were hot, we kept our cool, just like an ice cream cone.