Luby’s & Fuddruckers

Jackson, Mississippi

Project Details


  • Hospitality

Construction Service

New Construction

140 days from start to completion

449 person capacity

12,908 sq. ft.

Restaurants are complex builds. There is so much to consider when thinking of the customer’s experience and the staff’s workflow. A poorly designed kitchen can cause sluggish cook times and create a less than ideal wait time. For this job, our team constructed a new build for two restaurants that would share a kitchen. This took an incredible amount of consideration and attention to detail from the Herd, but we’re proud to say we pulled it off masterfully.

The plan was to build a combo concept for the fun and casual Fuddruckers and Luby’s, a cafeteria-style restaurant. The ground-up build included the full site, infrastructure, grading and parking. The building is a conventional wood frame with a steel reinforced structure. The exterior is a combination of finished stone and brick. Each restaurant has its own unique exterior and interior, holding true to each brand.

This project had some tricky aspects to it. Mississippi has a specific set of licensing requirements that limit how contractors are hired within the state. Traveling subcontractors have to maintain a MS specific licenses. The state also applies a gross receipt tax that adds an addition level of management from the cost accounting side of the project.