Texas Roadhouse

Aberdeen, North Carolina

Project Details


  • Hospitality

7,461 sq. ft.

119 days from start to completion

One of dozens of Texas Roadhouses we’ve built

Seats 270 people

Construction Service

New Construction

Summary of Construction

We build a lot of Texas Roadhouses. In fact, some of our Superintendents build three of these things a year, and have built over a dozen total. Texas Roadhouse is so confident in our ability to get it done right the first time, they don’t even worry about sending someone to check the site weekly. They know we understand their concept, and are going to get it done right. 

This particular Texas Roadhouse was special though. Our founder and vice president are brothers, and Texas Roadhouse paid tribute to their parents by dedicating the building to the memory of their parents, Dick and Diane Gregor. Scott and Andy were so honored by this, as they were residents of the Aberdeen area, and it meant a lot to have such recognition near their home. 

The build itself was a wood-framed construction, starting with a conventional slab on a grade. The code here required additional fire and wind rating specifications, which we’re used to from other builds in the area. The exterior finishes include cedar siding, and black integral concrete to create that “roadhouse” environment. We installed the maintenance-friendly Silikal floors in the kitchen, because hey, when you’re tossing peanuts like they do, cleanup needs to be as easy as possible. 

Life’s not just about the buildings you construct, but the legacy you build, too. We’re so grateful to the Texas Roadhouse team for honoring the Herd’s family, helping friends and family remember the legacy of Dick and Diane. 

“Buffalo Construction, Inc. has been an outstanding partner since day one. They’re always available to hear our needs, and know what it takes to ensure that Texas Roadhouse is satisfied. They understand the value of long-term relationships and valued-partner needs. You can count on Buffalo to get it done on time, and on budget, and be a great partner even after the job is done.”

- Scott Colosi, President, Texas Roadhouse