Louisville, Kentucky

Project Details


  • Convenience

Construction Service

New Construction

4,000 sq. ft.

105 days from start to completion

Summary of Construction

Valvoline’s got it going on. As the nation’s second largest quick lube chain, the company knows a thing or two about efficiency. They expected nothing less than efficient perfection from our team during this project, and we’re proud to say we did a pretty slick job. 

This was a full-site development, starting with a wood-framed, wood-trussed construction. The oil change facilities require a basement, which requires extreme attention to detail to ensure we get the waterproofing and foundation installation just right. 

The upper floors are designed with a precast concrete system to support the weight over the service bays. If you can imagine being the guy standing under John or Suzy Q. as they drive their car up onto the ramp, you can appreciate the importance of a strong structure here. The floors were constructed off site and set into place by crane. 

Of course, all of that oil goes somewhere, right? An oil storage tank and the necessary equipment were set prior to construction. The tank size required the building to be built around them.