Krispy Kreme

Columbus, Ohio

Project Details


  • Hospitality

75 days from start to completion

2,671 sq. ft.

Construction Service

New Construction

When it was time to build a Krispy Kreme, you might think this would be a piece of cake doughnut. But, there's a lot more to this project than meets the eye.

It’s modern meets retro. Signature bow ties tower above the parapet walls to show off the Krispy Kreme signage. Below there are very unique radiuses that make up the exterior soffit of the building. The retro-style neon signs really set it all off. It’s details like this that are part of the Krispy Kreme brand, one of the fastest growing doughnut companies in the U.S.

Inside, you’ll see that the radius theme extends from the doughnut maker to the radius-shaped front counter, and from the signs and soffits. In fact, the round soffit was one of the most difficult ones we’d ever seen. But fear not — we were working with an incredible metal framing contractor who pulled it off perfectly. A big shout out to Twin Interiors, you guys nailed it!

The next time you stop to grab a dozen from Krispy Kreme, take a moment to think about how much work went into building the place the builds doughnuts.