Bubba's 33

Corpus Christi, TX & Fishers, IN

Project Details


  • Hospitality

Construction Service

New Construction

About 8,700 sq. ft. for both stores

119/140 days from start to completion

Each store seats 326 patrons


Summary of Construction

Alright, Bubba, this is a good one. Bubba’s 33 is a very cool emerging restaurant concept that is becoming known for its fun and unique atmosphere. When you’re known for your space, it’s important to hire the right people to build that space, right? Bubba’s 33 came to Team Buffalo for new builds in Indiana and Texas. The 8,700+ square feet projects would seat 326 patrons, and would need an agile team to that could pay attention to detail regarding the new finishes and uncertain conditions. Each store faced similar challenges and followed very similar guidelines.

For each project, we started with a slab on a grade, with conventional foundations and spread footings. The structures were wood framed, with steel supports. Exterior finishes incorporated finished cedar, diamond plated aluminum and brick. The interior finishes are where these projects really starts to pop, featuring integrally colored concrete, cedar wall cladding, wood planked ceilings and color signage and decor unique to that market. In the kitchens, where we all know the floor takes a beating, we installed Silikal’s resin flooring, proven to stand the test of time. The restaurants feature dual bars, one in the dining area and one in the patio bar. The patios are an open air environment, complete with operable garage doors.

We’re excited to keep working with Bubba’s 33, serves up some of the best suds, spuds and burgers around. Maybe if we keep it up, they’ll name a Buffalo Burger in our honor.