Love's Travel Stop

Madera, CA

Project Details


  • Fuel & Oil

51.21 acres

12,664 sf Convenience Store

6,000 sf Arby's and Checkers

9,866 sf Tire Shop

57,500 sf RV Storage Facility

Once again, the Herd was on the road with client partner Love’s. This time we headed to Madera, CA for a double-doozy…it is literally twice the size of our last endeavor together at a whooping 51 acres. From the start, the Herd was faced with many challenges, but as expected, they pulled it across the finish line, even before the fueling contractor was ready to start pumping. The project entails the 12,664 sf convenience store, a 6,000 sf Arby's, a 9,866 sf Tire Shop, a 57,500 sf RV storage facility, 95 truck parking spaces and 57 car parking space, and lastly, but definitely not least, a Historical Plaza for the City of Madera. Whew… what a development!

The site development was anything but simple and the team had to work diligently to get all the pieces of this puzzle to fit together without affecting the schedule of course! Not to get too much into the weeds, but just check out this impressive list of mini-site projects executed: (1) installation for gas, electrical and communications infrastructure, (2) a self-contained stormwater system that tied-in nearly 1/2 mile away requiring some special maneuvering through residential roads and agricultural fields, (3) extension of the existing water main service from 1/4 mile away that ties into a City-owned well, which we had to develop, (4) widening of an existing road and off-ramp from the freeway, and (5) a new road with two traffic signals. The dedicated team deserves to catch their breath after this one!

Unfortunately, it didn’t end there…the project was plagued with biological challenges, definitely outside our typical scope of work but we were committed to the success of our client partner so we pushed forward. Upon discovering an endangered hawk’s nest, we had a paleontologist train our team and monitor all earthwork, keeping a lookout for bones and artifacts while also sifting through construction trash left by previous owners. Add on wet soil conditions due to a record-breaking winter, and this officially becomes one for the history books (at least for our Herd).