Orlando, Florida (Airport Location)

Project Details


  • Hospitality

Construction Service

New Construction

8,066 sq. ft.

330 person capacity

167 days from start to completion

Summary of Construction

Cheddar’s is a casual dining bar and restaurant where patrons can find a good meal for not a lot of cheddar. (Sorry, we can’t help ourselves sometimes). For this Florida construction project, our team worked in a general development area. The work included site preparation and local utilities, ultimately leading to a wood-framed building with trusses and steel supports.

The construction project included a variation of finishes between wood timber, field cut stone, and EIFS finishes, which required quite a bit of collaboration between all trades and a high attention to detail. While this was a prototypical design by nature, there were various changes required by Florida code requirements. Patrons would never know, but the framing and connection requirements were very different. The final concept seats 330 people.

We loved working on this project almost as much as we love digging into Cheddar’s Buffalo Chicken Wrap. There’s just something about it.